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Sports Center Paintball

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Sports Center Paintball
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Sports Center Paintball is the premiere place in Nevada to play paintball. We have a huge facility which includes 1 Sup Air Ball field , 1 Hyperball field , and 1 Wall Ball field. The three fields are all fully netted and well kept by Mantis-SCP and Bill Allen.
The New Fall Schedule is as follows
We are now  a FIELD PAINT ONLY field
The field hours are as follows
Wednesday 4pm-9pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday  9am-3pm
The prices are as follows
Wednesday - FREE admission , and $5.00 for air (c02 and compressed) Rentals cost $10.00
Saturday- $15.00 for admission and air (c02 and compressed) if you have your own gear and $20.00 for admission and c02 for rentals which include a Marker , Tank , Hopper , and Mask
Sunday - The same prices as Saturday
Paint Prices and regulations are as follows
Wednesday - Field paint ONLY
Saturday- Field paint ONLY
Sunday- Field paint ONLY
Cost of paint
1 case of Warped Sports Bonus Ball (2000 rounds) $35.00
1/2 case of Warped Sports Bonus Ball (1000 rounds) $18.00
1 bag of Warped Sports Bonus Ball (500 rounds) $9.00

**Pictures of the fields will be up soon **

Mantis-Scp Paintball

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