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Here is all the new up to date info on the team such as trips , workshops , anything really so just check it out and find out what the teams up to !

September 22nd 2005
Hey everyone I would also like to remind everyone that practice will now be held on every Saturday at SCP make sure your there and READY to play by 5. Practice will go for as long as its needed so bring pleanty of water and be ready.

September 22nd 2005
Hey everyone Mantis SCP would first of all like to thank Pointblank of Las Vegas Nevada for helping us down at SCP and for doing such and awesome job at reffing. We have a few tournaments left before the end of the season here they are ... Oct 1st. Afilliate at S.C Village , Oct 7-9th the last XPSL event at Hollywood Sports Park , and the last Beatty tournament of the series will take place the weekend following XPSL. We only have a few more weeks to go before the end of the season , and then we will begin conditioning and training for next season which we will be playing NPPL either division 2 or 3. Thanks everyone for this great season so far and hopefully we wrap this thing up and go home with some prizes and most important of all new ideas to help the team go even further next year ! Later ~Mantis-SCP

September 11th 2005
Hey everyone i apologize for not updating the site in a while , the team has just been so busy with our tournament series and the beatty tourneys which we ref. Well in the past few weeks have attended XPSL stop#4 in Redlands California where on friday we ended the day sitting in 3rd place and moved on to Saturday where we played our hearts out even though there were quiet a few bad calls. We finished saturday sitting in 6th where we then moved into the finals and got knocked out , all together it was a good tourney and im proud of the team. Yesterday we attended one of our affiliate tourneys where we went through qualifiers in 2nd and then moved on to play recluse to make it to the final game against lit where we unfortinantly didnt win. We finished in 2nd. And we now have either Beatty or an XPSL event for the next 4 weekends so i will try and update as much as possible. I would like to thank Bill Allen from SCP for all of his support within the team , as well as frank from WPN paintballs , and all of our other sponsors. Thank you all for the great season which is soon coming to an end and we hope to see you all next year in NPPL. Later-MANTIS-SCP -702

July 13th 2005
Hey everyone , Mantis-SCP woud like to thank those who made the tournament this past weekend ride the smoothest. And those people are Bill Allen of SCP and Frank De Leone of WPN Paintballs. To Bill , man thanks for everything you got us all set up there and everything ran just like it was suppose without a hitch ,without you we wouldnt have alot of the stuff that we do , and were extremely greatful that we have you with us. To Frank , hey man thanks for making such a kick ass paint it shot like gold we all loved it  !! I can tell you that this is the choice paint of Mantis-SCP and we will be shooting this at every tournament for the next.....well probably forever. Thanks again to you two without you Mantis-SCP wouldnt be where we are today. ~Later Mantis-SCP

July 11th 2005
Hey everyone Mantis-SCP is now back from a fun weekend out in Corona , We would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to go as well as Team Nerve for being such good sports !! The tournament went well , and we cant wait to go back. Congrats. to SCP Kidz who took 1st place in young guns down there this weekend.We would also like to thank No$ey for coming out and taking such awesome pictures of us. Later ~Mantis-SCP

July 2nd 2005
Hey everyone i hope your all getting ready for our upcoming tournament this weekend. Make sure evreyone has brand new batteries in everything , and all working parts ! Make sure you all get enough rest and eat good for this next week we need you all in tip top condition. Just get ready and we'll see you all down there to walk the fields. We would like to thank Kenny Rosenburg for coming down and playing with us in this event.Thats all for now , we will try to post all updates during the event as soon as we can. Later ~Mantis-SCP

June 19th 2005
Hey everyone we would like to thank Jeremy Mclarty (NO$EY) for sticking with us through this 05 season and being the team photographer. You can see his pictures all over the site and its looks great thanks man! Also we would like to thank Vegas Unleashed for helping us with the maintnence on the Hyperball field , and Canada , Dion , and Nick as well. Thanks everyone for all the help your giving us it is very much appreciated ! As for the team members everyone please start getting your gear all set-up new batteries etc.. and figure out if you need any new parts so we can order them for the next tourney coming up. Later ~Mantis-SCP

June 5th 2005
Hey everyone here is the new work schedule for the Sports Park if you can't make your time please get ahold of another teamate to see if they can cover for you. Thanks for all your help in making this work.
Anthony- 4p-Close
Jose 6p-Close
Mark 6p-Close
Aaron 6p-Close

Todd 4p-Close
Cliff 4p=Close
B 4p-Close
Doug 4p-Close

Todd 8a-1p
Cliff 8a-1p
B 8a-1p
Doug 8a-1p
Practice 1-4
Jose 5p-Close
Mark 5p-Close
Anthony 5p-close
Aaron 5p-Close

May 27th 2005
Hey everyone this weekend we are going to have the whole team out at the Sports Park to get all the netting done on the Sup Air field as well as try to finish netting the hyperball field. Bring your gear because we will also be practicing for the afiliate tournament we have coming up in SC. ~Mantis-SCP

May 22nd 2005
Hey everyone todays practice at Desert Storm was fun but its time to get back to work , thats right , work we will be meeting at the fields on Wednesday to finish the netting on the hyperball fields then we will be practicing so bring your gear !!!  The team would also like to thank Bill Alan for all his help and support for the 2005 season and hopefully many more to come. ~Mantis-SCP

May 20th 2005
Hey everyone tonight we will be meeting at the fields to help finish putting up the roof on the hyperball field at 6pm show up if you can and if not just call and let us know thank you ! ~Mantis-SCP

May 17th 2005
Hey everyone this is the Mantis-SCP website which is now up and working , but it is still under construction in some places and we hope to get them up and running shortly. Another feature we would like to add is a guestbook so check back in a couple days and check it out. ~Mantis-SCP

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